Compra hoy tu casa campestre en Venta en la Mesa Cundinamarca aquí. Country house for sale in La Mesa Cundinamarca

Country house for sale in La Mesa Cundinamarca

Country house for sale in La Mesa Cundinamarca.

Buy your country house for sale in Mesa Cundinamarca here today.
Total area 1,800 meters
Built area 1,100 apox
First floor: event room and two rooms with bathrooms for women and men.
Parking for 15 cars.
Second floor:
Two apartments of 130 meters each, already habitable, each apartment consists of a main bedroom with a private bathroom
Two auxiliary finishes
Social bathroom
Kitchen Dining
Third floor:
Terrace with bathrooms and kitchen, designed for. rest area
For Terrace bar
First floor interior:
5 cabins. In black construction,
each one with:
Two bedrooms and a bathroom
Swimming pool in black work as seen in the images
A reserve tank for 25,000 liters
Papers per day

What is a country house for sale in Mesa Cundinamarca?

A country house for Sale in La Mesa, Cundinamarca refers to a property located in the La Mesa region, in the department of Cundinamarca, Colombia, that is available for sale. This type of property is generally characterized by its country location, offering a quieter and more natural environment compared to urban areas.

Here are some specific features of the mentioned property:

  • Total and built area : The property has a total area of ​​1,800 square meters, with an approximate construction of 1,100 square meters.
  • Internal distribution : The country house has several levels. On the first floor, there is an events room, two rooms with bathrooms for men and women, and space to park up to 15 cars. On the second floor, there are two habitable apartments, each with a main bedroom with a private bathroom, two auxiliary bedrooms, a social bathroom, kitchen, dining room and balcony. The third floor is designed as a terrace with bathrooms and kitchen, intended for rest areas, bar, restaurant, among others.
  • Interior first floor : Inside the property, there are five black-built cabins, each with two bedrooms and a bathroom.
  • Exterior areas : The property has a swimming pool in black work, and it is mentioned that it has public electricity and water services. It also has a reserve tank with a capacity of 25,000 liters.
  • Documentation : The property papers are indicated to be up to date, suggesting that the legal documentation is in order.

This description provides details about the distribution, characteristics and dimensions of the property that is for sale in La Mesa, Cundinamarca. If you are interested in purchasing it, it would be advisable to contact the seller for more information and possibly schedule a visit to evaluate the property in person.

Buy your country house for sale in Mesa Cundinamarca here today.

How does a country house for sale in Mesa Cundinamarca work?

A country house for sale in La Mesa, Cundinamarca, works in a similar way to any other property for sale, but with the particularity of being located in a country setting, which implies a quieter environment surrounded by nature. Here are some key aspects of how it works:

  1. Advertisement and Promotion : The property is advertised for sale through various channels such as online advertisements, real estate networks, physical billboards, etc. The owner or real estate agent can use detailed descriptions, photographs and, in some cases, videos to show the country home and highlight its features.
  2. Interest and Viewings : People interested in purchasing the property can contact the seller or their agent for more information and to schedule viewings. Viewings are a crucial part of the process as they allow potential buyers to evaluate the property first-hand.
  3. Negotiation and Offers : Once there is interest, the negotiation process begins. Buyers can submit offers and, after discussing terms and conditions, reach an agreement with the seller.
  4. Inspections and Evaluations : It is common for property inspections to be carried out to evaluate its general condition and ensure that it meets the buyer’s expectations. This may include structural, electrical, plumbing inspections, among others.
  5. Financing : If the buyer requires financing, a financial institution will be involved to provide a mortgage. A credit approval process will be carried out and the terms of the loan will be established.
  6. Closing of the Sale : Once all the conditions are met and the necessary legal procedures have been carried out, the sale proceeds to close. This involves the legal transfer of ownership to the new owner.

It is important to note that the process may vary depending on local laws and regulations, as well as specific agreements between the buyer and seller. In this particular case, the description mentions specific aspects of the country house, such as its internal layout, outdoor areas, and services, which can influence the sales process.

What fixed costs does a country house for sale in La Mesa Cundinamarca have?

The fixed costs associated with a country house for sale in La Mesa, Cundinamarca, can vary, but here are some common fixed costs that property owners can expect:

  1. Property Taxes : Homeowners in Colombia are subject to paying property taxes. These taxes vary depending on the location and the assessed value of the property. It is important to know your local tax rates and make sure you pay them in a timely manner to avoid penalties.
  2. Utilities : Utilities, such as water, electricity, and in some cases gas, are essential fixed costs. These costs will depend on consumption and local rates.
  3. Maintenance and Repairs : Although maintenance and repairs can be considered variable costs, many homeowners set aside a portion of their monthly budget for potential unforeseen expenses or to keep the property in good condition.
  4. Home Insurance : It may be necessary to purchase home insurance to protect the property against possible damage, theft or catastrophic events. The cost of insurance will depend on several factors, such as the location of the property and the level of coverage.
  5. Condominium Fees (if applicable) : In some cases, especially in residential complexes or properties that are part of a larger development, there may be condominium fees. These fees are used to maintain common areas and shared services.
  6. Administration Charges (if applicable) : If the country house is located in a gated complex or urbanization with administration services, there may be monthly charges to cover the maintenance of common areas, security, among others.
  7. Loan Interest (if applicable) : If the homeowner has a mortgage loan, the interest on the loan will be a fixed monthly cost.

It is important to carefully review all costs associated with the property before purchasing to have a clear understanding of the fixed and variable expenses involved. Additionally, these costs may vary depending on the specific location of the property and any local regulations or restrictions that may apply in La Mesa, Cundinamarca.

How do you pay for a country house for sale in Mesa Cundinamarca?

The payment process for a country house for sale in La Mesa, Cundinamarca, generally follows several steps and may involve different payment methods. Here is an overview of how it could be carried out:

  1. Negotiation and Price Agreement : Before payment, a negotiation process takes place between the buyer and the seller to reach an agreement on the price of the property. Once both parties agree, a sales contract is signed detailing the terms and conditions of the transaction.
  2. Reserve Payment : It is common for the buyer to make an initial payment or “reserve” to secure the property. This amount is usually a percentage of the agreed price and is given to the seller to show the buyer’s seriousness in the transaction.
  3. Financing (if applicable) : If the buyer is going to finance the purchase through a mortgage loan, the loan application and approval process begins with a financial institution. Once approved, the entity provides the loan amount necessary to complete the payment of the price of the property.
  4. Inspections and Appraisals : Before closing the sale, it is common to perform inspections of the property to ensure that it is in good condition. If problems are found, there may be additional negotiations regarding price reduction or repairs.
  5. Closing of the Sale : Closing the sale is the final process where the property deed is signed and full payment is made. This process is usually carried out before a notary public. The buyer provides full payment, either with his or her own funds or with the mortgage loan, and the seller legally transfers the property to the buyer.
  6. Land Registry : After closing, the transaction is recorded at the local land registry office to formalize the change of ownership.
  7. Payment of Taxes and Other Associated Costs : In addition to the purchase price, the buyer may have to pay property transfer taxes and other costs associated with the change of ownership.

It is crucial to work with real estate and legal professionals during this process to ensure all steps are carried out correctly and to protect the interests of both parties. Additionally, specific laws and regulations in Colombia and the Cundinamarca region must be followed to ensure a proper real estate transaction.

Buy your country house for sale in Mesa Cundinamarca here today.

What is a country house for sale in Mesa Cundinamarca used for?

A country house for sale in La Mesa, Cundinamarca, like any residential property, can have various purposes and uses, depending on the needs and preferences of the buyer. Here are some of the possible purposes and uses for which a country house could be purchased:

  1. Primary Residence : Some buyers are looking for country homes to use as their primary residence. This use involves living permanently on the property, enjoying a quieter and more natural environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  2. Rest or Vacation House : Another possibility is to acquire the country house as a place of rest or retreat. Many people choose to have a house in the countryside as a refuge to escape daily stress and enjoy a more relaxed environment during holiday periods.
  3. Real Estate Investment : Some people buy country properties as an investment. They can rent the property short-term for vacationers or long-term as a home, generating additional income.
  4. Events and Celebrations : If the country house has specific characteristics, such as an events room, terrace or large spaces, it can be used to celebrate special events such as weddings, parties, corporate retreats, among others.
  5. Hospitality or Tourism Business : In some cases, country houses are transformed into small hospitality businesses, such as boutique hotels, inns or guest houses, to offer accommodation to tourists and visitors.
  6. Community Development : If the property is large enough, it could be considered for community development projects, such as a gated community or cottage complex.
  7. Retreat from the City : Many people look for country houses as an option to retire from the city, taking advantage of the tranquility and beauty of the rural environment.

In summary, the purpose of a country house for sale in La Mesa, Cundinamarca, can vary depending on the needs and objectives of the buyer. It can be a permanent home, a vacation spot, an investment, or even a space for business activities and events.

Why buy a country house for sale in Mesa Cundinamarca?

The decision to buy a country house in La Mesa, Cundinamarca, may depend on the individual preferences and needs of each buyer. Here are some common reasons why someone might choose to buy a country home:

  1. Quiet and Natural Environment : Country houses are usually located in natural and quiet environments, away from the noise and bustle of urban areas. For those looking for a more relaxed lifestyle in contact with nature, a country house may be the perfect choice.
  2. Quality of Life : Many people consider that living in the countryside contributes to a better quality of life. Fresh air, natural landscapes and lower population density are factors that can influence the perception of well-being.
  3. Space and Privacy : Country homes tend to have larger lots compared to urban properties. This provides more space for gardens, outdoor areas and greater privacy.
  4. Opportunities for Outdoor Activities : The country setting offers opportunities for outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, gardening and other recreational activities.
  5. Unique and Customizable Properties : Country homes often have unique features, such as lots with panoramic views, specific architectural designs, and custom details. This may appeal to those looking for properties with a distinctive touch.
  6. Retreat from the Urban Routine : For those who want to get away from the urban routine and experience a change in lifestyle, a country house can offer a relaxing retreat.
  7. Investment Potential : Some people consider country houses as an investment. They can buy the property with the intention of renting it short or long term, or even transform it into a tourist business.
  8. Sustainable Development : Country living is often associated with more sustainable and ecological practices. Some people choose country houses as part of their commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle.

It is important to note that the decision to buy a country house will depend on the individual objectives and preferences of each buyer. Before making a decision, it is recommended to conduct extensive research on the property and consider aspects such as location, facilities, access to services, among others.

What documents are required in Colombia to buy a country house for sale in Mesa Cundinamarca?

The purchase of a country house in Colombia, including in La Mesa, Cundinamarca, involves several legal procedures and the presentation of various documents to guarantee a safe and legal transaction. Below are some of the documents that are generally requested during the property purchasing process in Colombia:

  1. Identity Document of the Buyer and Seller : Copies of the identity document of the buyer and the seller are required, either the Colombian citizenship card or the passport for foreigners.
  2. Copy of the Seller’s Public Deed : The public deed is the legal document that proves ownership of the country house. It must be verified that the seller is the registered owner of this document.
  3. Certificate of Tradition and Freedom : This document is issued by the Public Instruments Registry Office and shows the legal history of the property, including possible liens, mortgages or embargoes.
  4. Certificate of Freedom from Encumbrances : This certificate confirms that the property is free of encumbrances or encumbrances that may affect the transaction.
  5. Land Use Certificate : This document indicates the zoning and permitted land use, which is important to verify that the property complies with local regulations.
  6. Payment of Property Taxes : It must be verified that the seller has paid all property taxes associated with the property.
  7. Import Declaration or DANE Registration (if applicable) : For newly built or developing properties, these documents may be required for statistical and customs control purposes.
  8. Power of Attorney (if seller cannot sign in person) : In some cases, if the seller cannot be present during the signing of the deed, they can give power of attorney to someone else to act on their behalf.
  9. Certificate of Peace and Safety from the Administration of the Residential Complex (if applicable) : If the country house is located in a residential complex or urbanization, this certificate may be required to confirm that there are no outstanding debts with the administration.

It is important to note that this is a general listing and the specific documents may vary depending on the jurisdiction and the particular circumstances of the transaction. It is recommended that you consult with a real estate attorney to ensure you comply with all legal requirements and avoid future problems.

Buy your country house for sale in Mesa Cundinamarca here today.

How to monetize a country house for sale in Mesa Cundinamarca?

Monetizing a country house for sale in La Mesa, Cundinamarca, involves generating income through different strategies. Here are some common ways to monetize country property:

  1. Direct Sale : The most direct way to monetize a country house is to sell it to an interested buyer. The income will come from the sales price agreed with the buyer.
  2. Long-Term Rental : You can consider renting the house long-term to tenants looking for a permanent residence in a country setting. This will provide regular income through monthly rent.
  3. Short Term Rental (Airbnb or Other Similar Services) : If the property is suitable for this, you can rent it short term to vacationers or tourists through platforms such as Airbnb. This can generate additional income, especially if the area is attractive to visitors.
  4. Special Events and Weddings : If the country house has facilities for events, such as an events room, large gardens or terraces, you can offer the space for weddings, corporate retreats, family events, among others.
  5. Tourism or Hospitality Development : If the property is large enough, you can consider developing it as a hospitality business, such as a small boutique hotel, inn or resort.
  6. Recreational Activities or Courses : If there is space and opportunities, you can offer recreational activities on the property, such as yoga classes, art workshops or retreats.
  7. Lease for Agriculture or Livestock : If the property has extensive land, you can rent it for agricultural or livestock activities.
  8. Filming and Photographic Productions : If the country house has an attractive and unique design, you can offer it as a location for filming movies, television series or photography sessions.

Remember that before implementing any monetization strategy, it is essential to check local regulations and ensure you comply with all legal requirements. Additionally, it considers factors such as market demand, the location of the property, and the owner’s preferences in terms of management and maintenance. Consulting with real estate and legal professionals can also be beneficial in making informed decisions.

How much money per month can be needed to support a country house for sale in Mesa Cundinamarca?

The monthly cost to maintain a country house in La Mesa, Cundinamarca, can vary considerably depending on various factors, such as the size of the property, its condition, location, amenities, and the lifestyle of the owner. Here are some key things to consider when estimating monthly costs:

  1. Property Taxes : You must pay annual property taxes. Divide this amount by 12 to get a monthly estimate.
  2. Public Services : Includes expenses such as water, electricity, gas and possibly garbage collection services. Costs may vary depending on consumption and local rates.
  3. Maintenance and Repairs : It is advisable to reserve a monthly amount for possible maintenance and repair expenses on the property.
  4. Home Insurance : If you have home insurance, divide the annual cost by 12 to get the monthly cost.
  5. Administration Fees (if applicable) : If the country house is located in a residential complex or urbanization with administration services, you must consider these monthly fees.
  6. Mortgage or Loan (if applicable) : If you financed the purchase of the country house with a loan, you will have to include the monthly payments in your costs.
  7. Gardening and Landscaping Expenses : If you have green areas or gardens, you may need to budget for landscape maintenance.
  8. Common Housing Expenses : Includes expenses such as internet, cable television, telephone, among others.
  9. Food and Other Personal Expenses : Although this is not directly related to the property, you should consider your personal and food expenses.
  10. Emergency Reserve : It is advisable to have a monthly reserve for unforeseen events and emergencies.

The total cost may vary depending on the individual situation. It is important to conduct a detailed analysis of the specific costs of your country home and adapt these estimates to your particular circumstances. Also, keep in mind that these are only property-related costs and do not include other personal and lifestyle expenses. A financial advisor or accountant can help you make a more accurate budget based on your specific situation.

Buy your country house for sale in Mesa Cundinamarca here today.

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